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Welcome to The Blog side of things

Hello everyone and welcome to my Blog

Today I found out that I’ve been apart of WordPress for just over a year!
and yet here I am with a rather nice looking website, if I do say so myself and I do, (cheeky grin)
But still no blog! With that being said…..

Here is a little about me:

I am MissusMadHatter (thank god for Ctrl+Z) and I stream on twitch. I am 28 years old full timer carer for my youngest boy, I have two beautiful amazing and crazy boys C&D, C is 8 with additional needs and D is 7 and is Autistic.

I have never done anything like this before but I am currently looking at better ways to help with my Anxiety and better my everyday life.

I love to talk with people even though my Anxiety can sometimes put a stop to it and writing has always been something I love to do, since getting my very first pc when I was 11. Before a dear friend of the family (who helped raise me) passed we would always talk about a book we were going to write together with the most silly adventures, who knows maybe one day I’ll make our little dream come true (sweet memories).

So here I am, writing, researching, youtubing, reading, creating…. In the hope to not only better myself and my life but maybe being able to share with others, that we are all on the same path and just maybe if we band together we can not only make this world a better, more loving and caring place but we can actually help each other to reach the height of our potential.

I will be blogging about anything and everything from gaming, myself, Anxiety, Autism, Mental Health, being creative, be prepared to see many motivational things and know I am holding back (with extreme difficulty) on emotes.

I have always wanted to write something along the lines of “living with someone with Autism” I love seeing videos and stories of other families but you never tend to see the other side, the harsh rough, uncut part of Autism, so maybe one day that will be a thing, to show other people they are not alone, it is normal and these things happen to many but for now let’s not get a head of myself.

This will be my cut off today, thank you reading, I hope you have a wonderful productive day, much love and take care.
You can use my to find all my socials.

Side Note-
I do try my best to stay away from anything that can rise my Anxiety so, I don’t listen or really read anything to do with the news, it just puts me in a place of despair, I can’t help or why did that have to happen, it’s just something I’ve found that helps me a lot.

I do of course know of things happening around the world, you can’t really hide from it when on social media, I just try to block out as much sadness/hate as I can.

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